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Preclinical Compounds
which address additional unmet needs  

In addition to its two lead clinical programmes, Novexel has three compounds in pre-clinical development.

These are:

NXL201 (aminocandin) is a member of the echinocandin class of anti-fungals, the first new class of anti-fungals to be introduced in nearly half a century. It has a novel mode of action, acting by inhibiting the synthesis of beta-13-D-glucan, an essential component of the cell wall of a number of pathogenic fungi. NXL201 is being developed as an injectable anti-fungal agent as a first line therapy against invasive fungal infections.

NXL105 is a novel, non-beta-lactam antibacterial discovered by Novexel that acts specifically against multi-drug resistant Pseudomonas by the inhibition of penicillin binding proteins.

NXL 104/ceftaroline. NXL104 is also being developed in combination with the cephalosporin antibiotic ceftaroline for the treatment of both Gram-positive and certain Gram-negative hospital infections. Novexel has out-licensed the use NXL104 for this combination to Forest Laboratories, Inc. to develop for the North American markets.


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> Stachyra, T., Levasseur, P., PĂ©chereau, M-C., Girard, A-M., Claudon, M., Miossec C., Black M.T. In vitro activity of the beta-lactamase inhibitor NXL104 against KPC-2 carbapenemase and Enterobacteriaceae expressing KPC carbapenemases, Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (2009) 64 (2), 326-329.

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